Open Hand Brick Campaign

Help Us Build a Healthier Community. One Brick at a Time.
You and your family or company can be a permanent part of Open Hand's exciting future expansion!  Or honor friends or loved ones with bricks as gifts inscribed with a personal message. Either way, you'll be giving back to the community in a very meaningful way!

  • Who can buy a brick?
    Anyone can buy a brick. Our vision is that the bricks represent the PEOPLE connected to Open Hand’s three decades of service to the Atlanta community.
  • How much do the bricks cost?
    The engraved bricks are only $150. Replica bricks can be ordered for your home or office for only $75 (shipping and handling included).
  • What do the replica bricks look like?
    The replica bricks will be an exact copy of the brick installed at the Open Hand campus and include felt backing and a brick stand.
  • Where will the engraved bricks be located?
    The bricks will be installed in one of the pathways on the new Open Hand campus.
  • What do the replica bricks look like?
    All bricks will be standard 4 x 8 pavers.
  • How will I be able to find my brick?
    A map will be available at the Open Hand office to assist visitors in locating donated bricks.
  • Because the brick campaign is a fundraising event, how do I get the tax information necessary to claim a gift?
    Your brick purchase, excluding replica bricks, is tax deductible and will be included in your annual gift receipt from Open Hand.

For more information, contact Jeff Carrico
at or 404-419-1109.