Corporate Giving

Giving back, when conceived and executed thoughtfully, creates a win-win scenario for business and the community. And Open Hand, through our Comprehensive Nutrition Care programs geared towards reducing the burden on our healthcare system, gives our corporate partners a tremendous vehicle for social responsibility.

By partnering with Open Hand, your business can make a dramatic impact on the community while building an association with a nonprofit recognized as as one of the most innovative, effective, and fiscally accountable nonprofit organizations in the country.  

As good stewards of philanthropic contributions, Open Hand understands the true value of our partnerships, and always works to ensure that they are as collaborative as possible.  What's more, Open Hand volunteer programs provide excellent team-building opportunities for employees, and a wonderful environment for their families to share in the experience of giving back.   

Engaging with the public, private, and independent sectors, Open Hand corporate partners serve as advocates, educators, and spokespersons to advance the case for philanthropy and to inspire other business leaders to make a lasting commitment to community giving.  

To learn more about how your company can partner with Open Hand, please contact
Jean Goffaux, Director of Donor Relations, at 404-419-3333 or by email.