Health & Wellness

A healthy lifestyle is necessary for the health and well-being of all individuals, from infancy through older adulthood.  Proper nutrition is one important piece of the puzzle that makes up a healthy lifestyle, in combination with physical activity, stress management and adequate health care.  At Open Hand, we are committed to helping our community follow a lifestyle that can help prevent or manage chronic diseases.

Chronic diseases are those conditions which are long lasting and include HIV/AIDS, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and many others. These conditions typically require many changes to be made such as a change in diet or activity level, medication or other lifestyle changes. While all of these changes may be overwhelming, positive behavior changes can typically help prevent and control many different conditions.

Did you know?
In 2004, there were 15,499 hospitalizations
in Georgia for which diabetes was the principal diagnosis, resulting in $240 million in hospital charges. For a diabetic, appropriate nutrition saves approximately $10,000 a year in health care costs.

—Georgia Department
of Human Resources

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