Good Measure Meals™

Change and innovation are key to a healthier organization...
and healthier clients.

Our Comprehensive Nutrition Care™ model is just one example of how we always strive to know and understand the needs of those we serve—not just right now, but 5 and 10 years down the road. It shows our commitment to finding new solutions in order to tackle the challenges of our ever-changing community.

Another case in point is Open Hand’s social entrepreneurship, Good Measure Meals™ (GMM). A gourmet meal program which is both calorie- and portion-controlled, GMM meetsthe dietary needs of people with diabetes and related hypertension and is also ideal for people of means looking for a convenient and delicious way to manage their weight. Operating as a wholly-owned subsidiary, GMM not only directs 100% of its net proceeds back to Open Hand, but helps us extend our Comprehensive Nutrition Care™ model across the full socio-economic spectrum, ultimately enabling us to make an even greater impact on the quality of health in our community.

The Story Behind Good Measure Meals™
Since 2004 Good Measure Meals™ has been providing good nutrition in ready-to-eat, healthy, gourmet meal plans. We have helped thousands of people like you achieve weight loss, manage chronic health conditions like diabetes and hypertension, or just eat in a healthy way without all the time required to plan, shop and cook.

Our fresh meals are prepared in our Midtown commercial kitchen following strict adherence to food safety standards established by the USDA and Serve Safe. We purchase fresh produce daily from local vendors and specify the highest quality meats and bakery goods for use in our meals. Our seasonal menus ensure that we always have the freshest ingredients available to our chefs.

GMM invests more than $100,000 annually in the development of innovative menus to ensure that they meet the expectations of our customers and they are compliant with the healthy eating guidelines of the American Diabetes Association, the American Dietetic Association and the American Heart Association.

Through the close collaboration of our registered dietitians and chefs, GMM is continually upgrading the quality of the products we offer. Work is on-going to ensure that our food and service are the very best they can be. We survey our customers twice a year to solicit their opinions on our menus, customer service and how we can better meet their needs and expectations.

GMM has grown to a thriving business with over 60 pick-up locations in the metro Atlanta area, Athens and Savannah and we have added several new product lines, including Dinner Plans, a Diabetic Menu and a Vegetarian Menu that have met with enthusiastic acceptance by our customers.

A purchase from Good Measure Meals™ is an investment in your health and the health of others. Following socially responsible business practices, Good Measure Meals™ operates as a social enterprise business unit of Atlanta nonprofit Open Hand. 100% of our profits go directly back to support Open Hand’s services to the community: an invaluable service which has helped thousands of people improve their quality of life through better nutrition.

GMM's contribution to Open Hand is much more than simply financial.
GMM helps Open Hand extend its Comprehensive Nutrition Care model across the full socio-economic spectrum, enabling Open Hand to make a more significant impact on the quality of health in our community and in reducing the cost of healthcare.

What’s more, GMM allows Open Hand an even greater public forum for its valuable nutrition education programs, as GMM reaches thousands of consumers, fitness and healthcare professionals throughout metro Atlanta—with a message that not only speaks to the quality of the product itself, but to the powerful prevention-based nutrition behind both the GMM and Open Hand brands.

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